BackBone is a Complete Healthcare Management Software Suite scalable from primary care to tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals. BackBone is a patient-centric application integrated with the management information that modern hospitals require. With over 25 modules, hospital administrators can opt for the modules that would optimize the performance of their hospital. BackBone is tightly integrated with security features making it HIPAA and HL7 Compliant.


BackBone Front Office

The Front Office application allows for both rapid and complete patient registration. The Rapid Registration allows for patients to be quickly entered into the system during busy times. This module then supplies the required demographic data to all of the other modules in Backbone’s software suite immediately. Additional patient information can be added at any time during the patient’s interaction with the health care provider for more complete registration. Backbone’s Front Office allows for the addition of full demographic information, biometric measurements, insurance information, guarantor and emergency contact information as well as other customizable patient data. The data updates automatically across all Backbone interfaces.

  • Rapid Registration to speed up the registration process.
  • All Aspects of the patient’s registration are searchable
  • Accurately capture Insurance / Corporate / Credit Payment information.
  • Allows for Appointment Scheduling.
  • Allows for Creation of Department and Individual Doctor’s Schedules.
  • Generates Reports related to the Demographic Statistics of your Patients.
  • Generates Reports on Consolidated Admissions and Discharges.

BackBone Bed Management

Optimizing the use of the available beds in your institution is the goal of BackBone’s Bed Management Module. This module synchronizes the tasks related to the daily turnover of beds. Tasks related to bed usage in Admissions, Pre-admission Registration, Discharges, Bed Cleaning, Room Decontamination, Room Repair, and Creation/Utilization of Emergency Beds are easily managed by the key personnel in your institution. Waiting times are reduced and bed status is known at all times.

  • Improve key performance factors that affect patient and staff satisfaction.
  • Eliminate phone calls to determine patient status and bed availability.
  • Improve Revenue by maximizing throughput and bed utilization.
  • Automatically updates the availability of Patient Beds and Extra Beds.
  • Creates a Dashboard on Hospital Bed Allocation & Bed Status.
  • Generates Reports on Bed Downtime and Usage.

BackBone Ward Management

BackBone’s robust ward application brings together all of the departments involved in running a ward. Nursing staff, Ward management, Dietary, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and any additional specialized departments across the entire health care enterprise can be linked smoothly in this module to perform their daily activities efficiently and effectively. The various tools and intuitive user interfaces simplify and expedite patient related tasks while ensuring safe, quality care for patients.

  • Rapidly reconfigure bed types and patient types for any given ward.
  • Highlights patient with special needs such as Isolation, Corporate, VIP, etc.
  • Centralizes the ordering system to all departments based on individual needs.
  • Results from lab, radiology, cardiology can be viewed immediately.
  • Documents Discharge Summaries, Birth Registers, and Death Registers.
  • Raises Internal Transport and Discharge Requests.
  • Raise Maintenance Orders, including medical equipment on the wards.
  • Generated and maintain individual Ward Inventories if needed.
  • Generates Dashboards of bed availability, medicine returns and patient status.

BackBone Laboratory

BackBone Laboratory is a stand alone module or may be integrated with the rest of the Backbone Health Information Suite. This module is comprehensive in its management of a laboratory. A Lab may opt to use all the available facilities or just the screens they need. This module includes registration at the lab front office, task assignment of procedures to individuals in the lab, specimen collection and handling, department head review, individual areas for bio-chemistry, microbiology, pathology, and results reporting in a paper and electronic format. Facilities for integrating medical equipment with the module and auto-reporting of results are also available. When integrated with the rest of the Backbone suite, many of these tasks and results can be made enterprise wide.

  • Can run an Independent Laboratory or an Integrated Laboratory.
  • Generate Graphical and Tabular Presentations of patient’s results.
  • Integration of Medical Equipment is available.
  • Automatic Alerts on abnormal results.
  • Online ordering and lab results available for physicians and patients.
  • Lab Results from any where on a Backbone network.
  • Generates Bar Code Stickers with Patient Details.
  • Allows the independent patient registration and bill generation.
  • Generate Reports on Department Performance / Employee performance.

BackBone Radiology

As radiology departments grow in their usage, types of equipment used and need for accurate and rapid reporting, BackBone’s Radiology Module is the solution for managing this complex department. The module can accommodate current equipment needs and future ones. It allows for management of existing resources and manages patients using those resources. Digitized images in a PACS system can be coupled with Backbone to provide images and reports for physicians anywhere, anytime.

  • Can run an independent Imaging Center or a Radiology Department.
  • Predefined Result Templates for multiple imaging modalities.
  • Reports are available from anywhere on a Backbone network.
  • Status of Radiology Orders.
  • Generates Reports on Film Consumption.
  • Generates Reports on Radiology Inventory.
  • Generates Reports on Department Performance.

BackBone Cardiology

BackBone’s Cardiology module is designed to manage both independent Cardiology Centers and integrated Cardiology departments. This module is capable of handling both Cardiology Procedures and Cardiac Imaging such as CT scans and MRIs. The module can accommodate current equipment needs and future ones. It allows for management of existing resources and manages patients using those resources. In a Backbone Network, reports can be automatically sent to ordering physicians and wards anywhere, anytime.

  • Can run an independent Cardiology Center or a Radiology Department.
  • Predefined Result Templates for multiple imaging and procedure modalities.
  • Reports are available from anywhere on a Backbone network.
  • Generates reports on Cardiology Consumables Inventory.
  • Generates Reports on Department Performance.

BackBone Dietary

BackBone’s Dietary Management module manages all the information regarding patient diets. This module allows menu printing, individual choices of meals for patients and restrictions set by allergies or by doctors orders. In addition, it supports the logistics of food preparation and distribution including the creation and maintenance of menus and menu planning. BackBone provides the tools necessary to accurately calculate dietary intake requirements and gives dieticians the relevant information to ensure that all meals with restrictions from doctors are cross-checked and verified by dieticians, prior to delivery to patients. Features include:

  • Intuitive order entry screens: Easy to navigate Dietary Requirements Screens for physicians or nurses speeds order entry and reduces staff training and ordering times
  • Flexible order entry :Allows for both de-centralized order entry on the Ward by physicians and nursing staff or centralized entry by dietician
  • Advanced search for menu items :Items search by name, diet type, menu type or food category speeds menu ordering
  • Food summary preparation reports :Automatic reports summarize required menu items and special instructions for each meal
  • Order modification tracking :Full Audit trail whenever a modification is made to the patient’s food order the system records a date and time stamp together with user name and location


  • Can run an independent Kitchen or a Dietary Department.
  • Online Diet Request.
  • Predefined diet details with caloric values managed by a dietitian.
  • Monitor Diet Order Status for the patient.
  • Task Assignment in the preparation of food and specific diets.
  • Dietary Billing.
  • Bar Code Stickers with Diet Order, Diet Type and Patient Details.
  • Generates reports on Consumables Inventory.
  • Generates Reports on Department Performance.

BackBone Pharmacy

BackBone’s Pharmacy module is a complete package for pharmacies. It is uniquely flexible with multiple options for running both independent pharmacies and those integrated in larger institutions. The Pharmacy module integrates the ability to track, report, and replenish inventory, process drug dispense files to determine qualified transactions, accumulate and track qualified drug usage, automatically manage the reorder process to maximize savings, and provide a complete audit trail of all transactions. The pharmacy module also generates reports that incorporate the employee performance, sales analysis and stock management. Patient safety is also addressed with its comprehensive database of drugs and give information on interactions.

  • Comprehensive Generic and Pharmacology details.
  • Generates online IP Request and OP Prescriptions on a Backbone Network.
  • VAT specific Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note and Bills.
  • Alerts on expiry and decreases in stock and allows a Reorder level for drugs.
  • Direct printing of drug prescriptions from OP clinics.
  • Reports to analyze daily revenue & overall profit analysis.
  • Highlight Adverse Drug Reactions.
  • Generates reports on Consumables Inventory.
  • Generates Reports on Department Performance.

BackBone Physician

Physicians can benefit the most from Backbone’s suite of software. The information they need the most in order to take care of their patients can be brought to their fingertips. Medical records, Physician orders, Results of labs, cardiology reports, radiology reports, abnormal lab alerts, and a focus on patient safety are just the most obvious tools the physician will gain with Backbone. The rest of the module focuses on assisting the physician to better organize all the departments that support the practice including patient scheduling, billing of patients, generating prescriptions, reducing medical errors, enhanced documentation, and medication reconciliation.

  • Detailed list of patient with date of admission and past medical history.
  • Electronic Medical Records tagged with billing, ICD and CPT codes.
  • Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) tagged with ICD Codes.
  • Previous Discharge summaries and electronic notes.
  • Allows for Medication Reconciliation.
  • X-ray, CT- Scan, MRI Reports are available on a Backbone network.
  • Availability of Patients Scheduling, appointments and reviews.
  • Predefined clinical templates to document patient diagnosis.
  • Alerts on abnormal lab results to the concerned physician.
  • Alerts on patient safety reducing medical errors.

BackBone Medical Records

BackBone Medical Records Module was created for management of the patient file in the health care enterprise. Using various methods for tracking including bar code scanning, the location of files will always be known and can be found easily prior to patient visits or to be sent with the patient during procedures. For those institutions who wish to transition to Backbone’s electronic medical record, this module facilitates that move as well.

  • Classification of Diseases based on International Standards.
  • Patient File Tracking to locate the file across the hospital.
  • Track Birth & Death Statistics.
  • Assignment of detailed diagnosis and procedure codes.
  • Generates Reports of outpatients & inpatients, Length of Stay, Surgeries etc.,
  • Generates Reports to analyze the disease classification in the hospital.

BackBone Master Health Checkup

BackBone’s Master Health Checkup Module allows for the integration of the multiple facilities, staff and departments required to successfully run a comprehensive check-up plan. This modules allows institutions to predefine plans and then automatically generate the orders and assign the tasks needed to tie together the lab services, radiology services, cardiology service, dietary services, consultants and any other pre-defined services for a smooth check-up plan.

  • Define Health Check-up Packages and choose applicable services.
  • Generates Requests to service departments / consultants.
  • Lab Results Reports display made available.
  • Custom Defined notes to capture medical summary, consultant notes etc.
  • Pre Defined Templates reducing keyboard operations.
  • Generates Reports to analyze health check-up programs.

BackBone Operation Theater

The Operation Theatre module contains information about the availability of all the theatres, and Equipment/Tools in order to maximize usage. Features include:

  • Operation Theatre Scheduling: Allows the allotment, cancellation and rescheduling of Operation theatres
  • Raising and validating an operation: The operations scheduled have to be validated by the senior surgeon
  • Preparing an operation dossier: The dossier for each operation is prepared by the system once the senior Consultant validates the operation
  • Entering Operation record: Assists in entering and validating the detailed Operation record
  • Entering Anesthesia record: Assists in entering and validating the detailed Anesthesia record along with the provision for maintaining Post-op progress


  • Scheduling the theater rooms.
  • Reservating and scheduling patients for surgery.
  • Capture surgeon & surgery details.
  • Scheduling Anesthesiologists and PACU units.
  • Register items used against the patient for the surgery.
  • Improve Revenue by maximizing throughput and theater utilization.
  • Generates Reports to analyze health checkup programs.

BackBone Inventory Management

BackBone’s Inventory Management module, along with the integrated Purchasing module, provides a complete Materials Management Solution for hospitals. Inventory automatically records and manages in real time all changes in stock levels throughout the hospital. If modules such as Laboratory, Pharmacy, Cardiology, Radiology, Master Health Check-up, or any other modules are added to the system, then these also become part of the supply chain within the institution and are also reflected in the Inventory Management Module. When an item is sold, dispensed within the enterprise, or has its stock level adjusted, its movement is immediately recorded and simultaneously visible to Inventory Management users. As items are charged to a patient’s account, they are automatically deducted from the inventory of the providing store.Replenishment between stores occurs either automatically or semi-automatically, as defined per item per store. When an item reaches a defined minimum level, a purchase request is automatically available for processing in the Purchasing module. All inventory movements are then posted to the General Ledger.Inventory workflows are further enhanced with the addition of peripheral devices such as hand held stock check devices, full barcode printers, and scanners.

  • Define Multiple Store and Sub Stores.
  • Purchase Workflow seamlessly integrates with Stores and sub stores.
  • Controls stock movement between stores.
  • Automatically Integrated with General Accounting.
  • Enriched stock control of adjustments, dispensed items and returns.
  • Generates reports to analyze the inventory in a hospital.
  • Easily track and record the transfer of Stocks across stores.
  • Define Batch, Lots, Stocks and Price Definition.
  • Improve Revenue by maximizing throughput and stock utilization.

BackBone CSSD

The BackBone’s Central Sterile Services Department (Sterile Supply) module’s main function is to manage the use of sterile items, linen, and medical equipment on the wards and Operating Theaters. The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) usually receives reusable equipment, linen from various wards and Operating Theaters for sterilization. Items are exchanged depending upon the requirements of the patients, departments and theaters. For example, the Sterile Supply module would coordinate the use of linen in a hospital by synchronizing the following actions: dirty linen is sent for washing to the laundry, washed linen from laundry is sent to CSSD for sterilization, the sterilized linens are then issued to wards/Operating Theaters when requested.The Sterile Supply module also catalogues and tracks the usage of prepared linen, dressing material from the cloth in different sizes, and reusable sterilized medical equipment. These items can also be standardized by hospital management using the Sterile Supply module.

  • Ability to define CSSD Packages with set items.
  • Track Batches and Lots of stock by expiry dates.
  • Track sterile stock and non sterile stock.
  • Define Store and Sub Stores.
  • Control stock movement between stores.
  • Generate reports to analyze Sterilization time, Stock movement and Usage.
  • Monitor reusable Linen and Instruments in a hospital.
  • Improve Revenue by maximizing throughput and stock utilization.

BackBone Patient Accounting & Billing

All transactions done within healthcare enterprise can be incorporated into single area – Backbone’s Accounts Module. The Accounts module manages all the bills a patient generates while they are being served by the health care organization. The module will track and manage the patient account as an inpatient, outpatient, at the lab, at the pharmacy, in dining, in radiology or wherever the patient may come into contact with the healthcare institution. The Accounts module also monitors any payments the patient has already made for services. BackBone’s Accounts module also allows the management of concessions, refunds, and deposits. Integrated Reports are created that encompass all the transactions made for a particular patient or bill. Individual service billing and packaged billing can also be customized.

  • Centralized OP and IP billing.
  • Summary bill during stay and at discharge.
  • Define pricelists for all services and procedures.
  • Provides management of Insurance payments and patient debt.
  • Physician fee Accounting.
  • Export Option of Reports in various file formats.
  • Generate reports about concessions and outstanding collections.
  • Detailed information on Deposits.

BackBone Human Resource & Payroll

The BackBone Human Resource & Payroll (HR) module manages the full employment lifecycle. The BackBone HR module provides a consistent framework for employee and doctor information in the various deparments in the enterprise. This module allows administrators and executives to cater to the needs for both medical and non-medical personnel. Specialized features include:

  • Captures extensive credential and career information for medical personnel
  • Online performance appraisal reporting, grade and salary scale management and position profiling
  • Provides comprehensive data for corporate job evaluation and salary analysis features including grading structure and associated salary ranges and percentage of salary exceptions for each grade level
  • Allows users to manage the organization’s position profile, create new temporary or permanent positions and assign employees to vacancies supporting company-wide strategic management decisions
  • Reports helps in Enhance management information and retrieval of enterprise-wide statistics on employee data


  • With Knowledge and skills analysis, Employee Personal Information
  • Manage Employee Transfers/ Promotions / Demotions / Salary revisions .
  • Allows for Multi-level leave approval and authorization.
  • Control panels to encompass various categories of company standards.
  • Creates Comprehensive Duty Rosters.
  • Allows Tax Calculation / Insurance and Loan Details.
  • Calculate Staffing needs.
  • Creates an Application Bank.
  • Training Details & Induction.
  • Monitor Career Development Training needs.
  • Creates a Knowledge Warehouse.
  • Customized appraisals based on each position.

BackBone Asset Management

Backbone’s Asset Management (Assets) module allows administrators and executives to tracks and monitors the building and equipment of the enterprise. The module helps facilitate the maintenance of these physical assets to ensure proper vigilance.

  • Records and track all types of physical assets and components.
  • Tracks the current custodians of physical assets & Location of those assets.
  • Records Equipment maintenance and repair history.
  • Details Annual Maintenance contracts of the assets.
  • Provides Alerts on Insurance payments and Maintenance.
  • Apportion cost accurately to cost centers and departments.
  • Encourages purchasing to be made based on up to date information.

BackBone Finance Management

Backbone’s Finance module exists to assist administrators and executives of health care enterprises to have a daily control over the financial health of their institution. This module consolidates all the information generated by the other modules of the BackBone suite and analyzes the actions conducted by the institution from a financial standpoint. This includes all current costs and revenues. Administrators and Executives can then find out where they are losing or gaining business, where they should develop their business and make better decision on where to take their institution.

  • Comprehensive General Accounting with GL, AP, AR.
  • Creates a Trial Balance for the institution.
  • Track Profit & Loss Account.
  • Monitor the Balance Sheet.
  • Understand the use of funds in your institution.
  • Monitor the use of Capital and Equipment.

BackBone Medical Statistics & Reports

Within each module, reports may be generated regarding that individual modules operations. Backbone’s Medical Statistics and Reports module consolidates all of these reports so that Executives may also see individual reports on each department as well as create global reports for their institution.

  • Statistics on IP, OP, Emergency patients.
  • Monitor Occupancy Ratios.
  • Performance Analysis of various departments in the hospital.
  • Statistics of Surgery, Discharges, Birth and Death.
  • Statistics on Lab, Radiology, Cardiology, and Pharmacy.
  • Generate reports on Employee and Doctor performance.
  • Monitor Income generated.

BackBone Insurance Management


The insurance module is designed to offer specialized services for the hospitals. This aids in the processing and verification of insurance claims rapidly and quickly. Various types of insurance management services including Pre-Authorization and Post-Authorization of insurance are performed on various levels to reduce patient waiting time and improve the quality of customer service. Specialized services include:

  • IP PRE AUTHORIZATION REQUEST – Pre-Auth will be raised against patient’s Register number
  • IP PRE AUTHORIZATION APPROVAL – Pre-Auth Request needs to be either Approved or Rejected by the insurance officer for further enhancements.
  • ENHANCEMENT REQUEST – User can place an enhancement request when Pre-Auth amount is not sufficient, untill the patient reaches the Claim Credit Limit. If the patient gets discharged the user will not be able to place further Enhancement Requests.
  • PREPLANNED REQUEST -This can be used for OP patients Pre Auth request.These request will also gets populated in IP Convertion page for IP Pre Auth convertion.
  • PRE AUTHORIZATION CONVERTION – If the patient is registered as IP then the convert button will appear.User can delete the record if there is no response from the patient
  • PRE AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT – Auto Post of all the documents for which the patient have undergone services like Radiology/Cardiology/Lab.
  • SMS alert
  • File Uploading
  • Graphs and charts
  • Allows for entering QUERIES to the TPA and vice versa.
  • Multilevel reports
  • Patient’s medical diagnosis

BACKBONE – Value Added Services

The ROI on BackBone is well earned as it provides seamless VAS support. Some of the popular services are listed below :

  • Equipment Integrations
  • Photo Capturing – patient related
  • Digital Notes – Doctors & Nurses (Digital Writing Pad)
  • Bar Codes – Patient ,Assets, Diet etc
  • Bio Metric
  • Information Kiosk – Touch Screen
  • Hand Held Device
  • Passive RFID
  • Digital signature
  • SMS – Text messaging
  • Mail Server – Email Communications
  • Employee Performance analysis
  • Report Generator

WHY Backbone

BackBone is a classic product conceived by Doctors and architected by Software Professionals. Unlike any other set up, BackBone derives its strength from the founders who also manage an world class super speciality hospital.

Here are some of the salient feature of BackBone :

  • BackBone covers various Clinical, financial & Operational aspects.
  • Support ICD – 10 CM ,ICD – 09 & CPT Codes
  • Equipped with Insurance Module.
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Flexible Scheduling.
  • BackBone blends the right mix of Clinical & Commercial aspects.
  • Extensive Drug Information including Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaco-dynamics, Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions.
  • Department Tracking System.
  • Click & Go – Revolutionized Data Capture.
  • MIS Reporting Capabilities
  • Browser Interface


  • Aosta’s BackBone HIS is very comfortable to use and operate. We found many insightful tools in BackBone and departments like Finance, Front office, Lab and Pharmacy found the system to be very user friendly.

    Aosta’s backend team has given us excellent support after the roll out thus giving peace of mind when it comes to managing the complete IT backbone of KMCH.

    Kovai Medical Center and Hospital – Coimbatore
  • We have done a thorough evaluations of various HIS systems and finally engaged Aosta as they have the best product to us. We @ Yenepoya use Aosta BackBone across all our hospital streams as their system provide seamless experience to all the stakeholders within the hospital. The ease of use, contemporary best practices, tools like EMR & Mobile interface etc are some of the highlights of Aosta platform. We love to work with Aosta team.

    Yenepoya Medical College & Yenepoya Specialty Hospital – Mangalore