Aosta understands that in order to retain or grow market share, efficiencies, burst capacity and cost containment needs to be part of a long term strategy. An alternative is to have a service provider network for a variety of tasks, all of which require the company and individuals with the training to deliver work with a high degree of accuracy within specified turn around times.

Services for the Life Insurance Industry

  • Provide an engine (Aosta InsurServ) in which an applicant can get a life insurance quote(s) ‘automatically” without having an underwriter “physically” respond.
  • Summarization of physician medical records to assist Aosta InsurServ in its clients’ underwriting activities.
  • Complete Underwriting for policies.
  • Underwriting Guideline and Portfolio Review.

Services for Long Term Disability and Social Security Providers

  • Abstraction of Relevant Disability Claim Information
  • Medical Summarization of physician medical records for Legal Review

Services for Coding/Billing

  • Accurate “recoding” of ICD 9 to ICD 10 and new ICD 10 coding of documents received from physicians and medical facilities.
  • Claims Processing

Medical Services

  • Evaluation of high risk patient records by a licensed physician attesting that the symptoms noted in the records are indicative of a patient with a diagnosed condition.
  • EKG Interpretations

Translation Services

  • Translation of medical documentation from local languages into English which will then be utilized in the summarization activities noted above.

Business Augementation Services

  •   Complete Policy and Agent Servicing.
  • Staff Augmentation.
  • White Labeling or Rebranding Staff.


  • Aosta’s BackBone HIS is very comfortable to use and operate. We found many insightful tools in BackBone and departments like Finance, Front office, Lab and Pharmacy found the system to be very user friendly.

    Aosta’s backend team has given us excellent support after the roll out thus giving peace of mind when it comes to managing the complete IT backbone of KMCH.

    Kovai Medical Center and Hospital – Coimbatore
  • We have done a thorough evaluations of various HIS systems and finally engaged Aosta as they have the best product to us. We @ Yenepoya use Aosta BackBone across all our hospital streams as their system provide seamless experience to all the stakeholders within the hospital. The ease of use, contemporary best practices, tools like EMR & Mobile interface etc are some of the highlights of Aosta platform. We love to work with Aosta team.

    Yenepoya Medical College & Yenepoya Specialty Hospital – Mangalore