In the early years with the use of computers, the hospital management was primarily involved in creating a good Medical Records system – not only for themselves, but also as per the Government mandate. The MRD system became an effective tool to gather the patient data in individual patient files that seemed easy for the hospitals to manage. However, the sheer volume of paper works posed a major challenge for the MRD team and maintenance has now become a big issue.


The health card system has overcome the problem of registering a patient on his/her every visit to the hospital. It serves as an efficient tool over all the counters of a hospital to ease the work of the end users and hence to reduce the patient waiting time. Another advanced terminology that is getting popular in recent times is the “Smart Card” system within the hospitals. Patients wish to use such a system to enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions. And the system for sure aligns itself towards “Digital India”.

Better Hunt for a Better HIMS!

Today’s healthcare is an important part of our society. For a healthcare provider, to offer their services in an effective and efficient manner is very challenging. Even in a single specialty hospital/clinic, lots of patients keep rolling every day and it’s really difficult to maintain records of all patients manually. Given the complex business scenario today, a Hospital has to have a good system to ensure that it is easy to track all relevant KPIs. To facilitate this activity and to manage hospital administration digitally, a smart Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) assumes significance.



Healthy relationship between physician/nurse and patient is what every patient would look forward to. An effective patient monitoring system is needed for this to happen. Patient monitoring is hence gaining traction and the proliferating technology trends have made it easier.



  • Aosta’s BackBone HIS is very comfortable to use and operate. We found many insightful tools in BackBone and departments like Finance, Front office, Lab and Pharmacy found the system to be very user friendly.

    Aosta’s backend team has given us excellent support after the roll out thus giving peace of mind when it comes to managing the complete IT backbone of KMCH.

    Kovai Medical Center and Hospital – Coimbatore
  • We have done a thorough evaluations of various HIS systems and finally engaged Aosta as they have the best product to us. We @ Yenepoya use Aosta BackBone across all our hospital streams as their system provide seamless experience to all the stakeholders within the hospital. The ease of use, contemporary best practices, tools like EMR & Mobile interface etc are some of the highlights of Aosta platform. We love to work with Aosta team.

    Yenepoya Medical College & Yenepoya Specialty Hospital – Mangalore