Healthcare Enterprise Apps in Cloud Aosta Software’s Initiatives

With better communication technologies and outreach, healthcare IT is scaling up at a very fast pace in India. Especially with Governments initiative on digital health, we have been able to see a lot of momentum in the Healthcare Industry in the past few years. Organization is being tested like never before, though the after-effects of Covid-19 is still unfolding across the globe. While Social distancing and work from home has become the new normal, Corporate leaders are striving to ensure that their businesses continue with minimal disruption.

Aosta is a Solution Provider having exclusive focus on offering Enterprise IT Solutionsto the Healthcare Industry. Our flagship product BackBone HIMS is a solution conceived by Healthcare experts and architected by Software Professionals. At Aosta, we constantly enrich our core solution offering with more value added services to cater the current business challenges and customer requirements. With more than 150+ strong minds working on the BackBone HMIS platform, we have built a robust HIMS platform with over 25+ modules and a host of mobile apps for providers and patients. Today, Mobile Apps is not a value added service but considered as essential service. Healthcare Industry is no different.