BackBone Telemedicine

Aosta’s Telemedicine solution helps Hospitals to provide Consultation to patients through video and digital platforms so that the patients can avail the diagnostic services remotely on their comfort.

Telemedicine is truly coming of age. More and more medical systems now have started adapting video, image and telephone consultation, often in combination, to extend healthcare to rural and underserved urban areas. Distance consultation still has a decidedly rural appeal but is finding applications even in larger cities now.


Thanks to the Internet Providers, Patient and Doctor can have virtual consultation over the secure platform. The largest use of Telemedicine applications continues to be in radiology, pathology, dermatology and retinal imaging. Telemedicine applications range from common tele-radiology to futuristic tele-surgery, from treatment delivered in a “store-and-forward” mode to real-time videoconferencing.

What we offer

Though there are many solutions available in the market, it is important that the Telemedicine/Consultation platform is integrated seamlessly with existing Hospital Information System (HIS) and Doctors’ EMR platform. Then only it has clinical and business relevance for both patients and doctors.

Aosta’s unique advantage comes from the expertise of understanding the HIS and EMR domains well and thus Hospital is benefited in having a single platform to manage and operate than working with multiple systems and operators.

Aosta has integrated the telemedicine functionality in their existing offering of Patient Portal and EMR.

Aosta advantages for Telemedicine
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